Happy Independence Day in Fairhope!

Independence Day, Fairhope AL

Happy Independence Day! 

American flag baseball batsWishing you a joyful day, celebrating the freedom of The United States of America.

Freedom rings, Fairhope Alabama

Fairhope celebrates the 4th of July with a concert on the bluff by the Baldwin Pops followed by a beautiful fireworks show over Mobile Bay. I’m packing my picnic this morning.

4th of July, Fairhope AlabamaThe cupcakes are ready to go.

cupcakes, Fairhope Alabama

I made an extra cupcake as a surprise for Lois Lane.

Lois Lane, Fairhope AlabamaClose your eyes . . . don’t open them yet . . . wait . . .



Woo hoo!!!!

God bless America!


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