Shopping in Silverhill


I’ve shown you bits and pieces of beautiful Silverhill, Alabama before (Silverhill Market and Starry Night), and now here’s another reason to visit our neighboring town. Silverhill Furniture and Decor is a gorgeously designed store, located in the old Anderson Garage building, which is nearly 100 years old. Rumor has it, that Henry Ford himself may have visited this garage. How about that?


andersongarage4lg-1Situated in the heart of the tiny downtown, Silverhill Furniture and Decor has some of the most beautiful, unique and fun home accessories I’ve seen in a long time.

Silverhill furniture CollageThe displays were so charming and everything looked like it should be in a magazine. Their painted and refurbished furniture was absolutely beautiful with plenty of colors and styles available.



Look what I found . . . more Liberty Blue china! After years of searching, and now having more than enough, I’m seeing it everywhere!  That’s the nature of the shopping game.


IMG_0343Not only does Siverhill Furniture and Decor have a vast selection of old and new furniture, but their prices are like an apple . . .

“A-Peeling!” Hahahaha!  Okay, back to the store . . .

IMG_0341Every time I’ve visited this store, everything has looked new and freshly arranged.

silv. 2 CollageThis custom monogram is the best gift idea I’ve seen in a long time, and I can think of three different ways to use those metal lockers (top right) in my house!

IMG_0351If you happen to be out and about this coming weekend, it’s the perfect time to visit Silverhill, because their annual Silverhill Heritage Festival will be in full swing! All the businesses, including this beautiful place will be open with specials and deals waiting just for you.

IMG_0346Heritage Days kick off with a parade at 10am. Arts and crafts booths, activities for children and fun for all will be waiting for you on Saturday September 20, 2014. But long after the party has ended, Silverhill Furniture and Decor will be waiting for you with just the right thing for your home.

Click HERE to visit Silverhill Furniture and Decor’s web site where you can find their location (can’t miss it) and hours.



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