Practicing my Easter Hymns

As it sometimes works out, this blog is a testing ground for future newspaper articles at Gulf Coast Today. This is a story I first wrote as a blog post last Easter, and has been updated a bit for this latest article.


As often happens in marriage, compromises occur.  Such a compromise has landed me in a church denomination in which I was not raised. I have grown to love my church, and it is one of my favorite places to be. My husband agrees it is a perfect fit that accommodates both our backgrounds.

In the South, it is very important where you go to church. Tradition is crucial to us, and we want our children learning the same Bible stories, making the same toilet paper tube crafts, and  . . .

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“Southern with a Gulf Coast View” can be found in these fine newspapers: The Courier, The Foley Onlooker, The Islander, The Baldwin Times and The Independent.

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A Designer Easter Table

Small-chocolate-rabbit-hiding-in-a-porcelain-arranged-cup-holderI’ve been searching for something different for the Easter table this year, and found these original looking ideas that go beyond a bunny in a basket.

I had a bag of grass seed I bought a few years ago from Cecil at Old Tyme Feed and Seed, but it’s long gone now. Too late to run out there and get more, or else I would definitely make this sprouted egg cup with the chocolate bunny. Now that I look more closely, do you think it’s actually growing in the cup, or has it just been cut and inserted in there?

Maybe there’s time to do this after all.


From:  Founterier


What a fun placemat for anytime during the spring or summer!


The silver holders make this display something special. It’s also from Founterier.


Potttery Barn is the source for this beautiful wire basket of eggs and blossoms.

Spring-holiday-flower-with-decorated-eggI’m blowing out egg shells this weekend and hope to have a few like this at each place setting on Sunday.


I couldn’t find the original source for this, but thought the place setting was very sweet and simple – and used a nest!


Now, I know these sprouts are definitely growing in the egg shell.

What a great idea. So simple. So sweet.

Don’t forget to take a look at all the newly added ideas for Easter at Easter in the South.

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