Collard Greens and Catching Up

IMG_8035I’ve already hurt the good name of Southern Belles everywhere when I confessed (HERE) that I didn’t like sweet tea, so hang on to your boots because the plate above doesn’t belong to me.  I don’t like collard greens either! I know! I may as well have a Wisconsin driver’s license or something!


To make it worse, this plate of delicious barbecue from Saucy Q in Mobile belongs to my husband who isn’t from . . . “around here.” He loves collards!  I opted for the popular Southern vegetable sides of macaroni and cheese (yes it’s a veggie here) and fried okra.

IMG_7967If you follow me on Instagram (I just reached 500 followers!) you’ve seen this beautiful flag seven layer dip my friend Debbie (Flower Child Designs) made for her son when he was recently inducted as Fairhope’s newest Eagle Scout. It was a beautiful ceremony, and they announced that Fairhope’s Troop 47 has produced 10 Eagle Scouts in the last year alone!


My son has one more step to complete before he reaches Eagle, but it’s his big project, so it will be a while before I have to get ready for the party. This is such a cute idea, I’ll have to remember it. The blue background is crushed up blue corn chips. I felt a little funny about eating the flag, but I put my hand over my heart while I ate it. It’s the same reason I never make cross shaped cookies at Easter. Just something about munching on the cross saying, “Mmmm! This is tasty!” Just can’t do it.

IMG_7962I love any achievement that has it’s own line of dinnerware.


But moving on . . .

booksBig author appearances are on tap this week at Page and Palette Bookstore. First up on January 29th at 6pm is Ravi Howard who tells the story of being the chauffeur for Nat King Cole. February 5th between 4-6pm, Charles Salzberg will be speaking with fans and signing his latest installment of his mystery series, “Swann’s Lake of Despair.” On February 7th, Mobile architect and local expert on the history of Mardi Gras, Craig Roberts, will be signing copies of his book, “Mardi Gras in Mobile.”


Back to the mundane . . . I found an old quilt at an antiques shop that needed the edges finished, so I thought it would be a snap to run through the machine . . . which didn’t work and had to be taken in for repairs. Even though the machine has sat untouched for a year, now that it’s in the shop, I can suddenly think of 18 sewing projects that need immediate attention.

IMG_3706This is a family heirloom quilt made by my Great Grandmother. The quilt I just purchased from the antique store will be put to good use so this family quilt can be saved and protected from things like curious Beagles.


IMG_7940Speaking of quilts . . . how’s this for a shirt? I sent this photo to my son who texted back and said, “No way!” They also had the same shirt in the girl’s department, which didn’t seem so weird. I know some men would love it, but my guy’s more of a hipster than prepster.


Here I am trying on a Mardi Gras hat- ha!  All the stores downtown are adorning their windows with purple green and gold in anticipation of the festivities. Remember, the American version of Mardi Gras originated  just across the bay from us in Mobile, Alabama – not that other city in Louisiana. Mobile has about 40 parades, and we have three here in Fairhope, four if you count Point Clear. School will be out for a few days for celebrations (full parade schedule HERE).


The Eastern Shore Art Center has several great exhibits going on now. Admission is free, so if you are in the area, stop by one day and look around.

IMG_8047This sign in the Art Center’s gift shop pretty much sums up most of Fairhope (and look behind the sign . .  . it’s a quilt theme today!).

Hope you have a great start to your week — with or without collard greens!


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