Ellen’s Cloudy Day

#2Ellen at easelWhen Ellen greeted me at the door, she was wearing her painting clothes and had wet paint on her sleeve, but even with the spattered uniform of an artist, she was — and always is, elegant.There was never a more gentle, kind and loving spirit than what you will find in Ellen Grigg. Those who know this creative lady absolutely love her, and are amazed at the beauty which flows from deep within her to the canvases she paints.

studioAlways practical, when Ellen realized her gorgeous living room had the best light in the house, it became her new studio. Now with a warm fireplace and a purring cat on the ottoman to keep her company, Ellen spends her days creating art in this lovely space, while her writer husband, Ron Meszaros, who you may remember from THIS story (or this one), keeps busy writing in the next room.

Ellen's CollageSo much creativity under one roof!


studio cornerEllen paints in a variety of styles, but lately has been known for these stunningly beautiful cloud themed paintings. After growing up in Wisconsin, then spending almost 30 years in California and a year in Oregon, she was totally amazed by the huge, puffy white clouds she saw when she and Ron moved to Alabama’s Gulf Coast in 2004.

Dance girlEllen felt compelled to figure out how to capture the beauty of the clouds, and sure enough, she did.

familyThe clouds provide a constant background, although each treatment of the puffy clouds varies. But the real story of Ellen’s work are the subjects who appear in the foreground. Who are they? What are they doing? Where are they going? The small size of the subjects are dwarfed by the overall greatness of the heavens.


tricyclesThese two children on little red tricycles is a commissioned piece Ellen just completed for a client. Pure joy emanates from the little girl’s face as a  simple childhood activity is made to feel like a grand adventure beneath the vast sky.


questionsAfter earning an art degree from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Ellen landed her first job at an advertising agency in Chicago.


blueskirtWorking for years in that field, as well as free-lance graphic design gave Ellen an eye for simplicity and communicating an idea through a visual element.


IMG_5071Ron and Ellen have collaborated on both of Ron’s book covers, which is a lovely partnership for these two who first met in the Chicago agency where Ron was in the copywriting department.


orchid fireplaceThe creative couple spent years working in the film industry in California, but Ellen always kept her love of art alive by painting at first with watercolors, then acrylics. The paintings, although completely visual, are spilling over with a good story.

BurrosEven this cute scene makes you wonder . . .  protective? fearful? lost? cuddly? cold? hide and seek? WHAT???


fireplace magnoliaAbove another fireplace hangs one of Ellen’s large magnolia paintings.  If you visit her website (here) you’ll see many more gorgeous paintings in the flower series.


teapotLaughing while making me a cup of tea, Ellen is a warm, kind hostess. Her home is charming and bright, full of color that you would expect from such an imaginative couple.

O. Grigg PaintingsLike many creative types, Ellen was inspired in her creativity by someone else. In this case, it was her Grandfather, who painted these beautiful landscapes.


When Ron and Ellen first visited Fairhope, they were impressed with the politeness and Southern manners of their waitress at The Grand Hotel who charmed them into their ultimate decision to relocate here. Thank goodness for well mannered people, because we are blessed to have such a great addition to Fairhope.


Author Julia Gregson in her book, East of the Sun, said; “when we look up, it widens our horizons. we see what a little speck we are in the universe, so insignificant, and we all take ourselves so seriously, but in the sky, there are no boundaries.”


That’s exactly what Ellen just said with her paintbrush. White-Zinnia~~element52

To see more of Ellen’s work and find her contact information, click HERE

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