The Copper Column


IMG_7597The Copper Column is the latest venture of my ultra-creative friend, Suzanne Davis. Located in downtown Fairhope, The Copper Column is unlike any other store/shop/gallery/studio/fairyland you’ve ever seen.

IMG_7578Suzanne was the first person I met when we moved to Fairhope over 15 years ago. She and I have raised our children together and I’m always fascinated to discover what kind of project she has going on. The Copper Column brings together all of Suzanne’s passions: painting, decorating, entertaining and retail sales keep the store a busy place.

jasmine covered wallThe interesting nooks and crannies of The Copper Column, with indoor-outdoor spaces, winding pathways beneath vine covered arbors, had Suzanne’s customers begging her to let them hold private events in the shop, so my clever friend instantly had a totally charming and original space to rent for corporate or private soirees. Can you imagine your friends thinking you’ve invited them to a party in a plain white room with folding chairs, and then they show up to find this instead? W-O-W!

Dual CollageThe room, above left, shows a copper finish Suzanne did on a wall. In person, you cannot tell it isn’t a real sheet of copper. Full design services for your home or office are available, and you will be sure, you’ll end up with a look unlike anyone else.


IMG_7567In addition to Suzanne, the other two artists in residence are Melissa Sellars and Christy Wells Fritz. The artists are usually available to chat with customers and can produce custom work specifically for your home. Even the driftwood mirrors and frames are completely customizable.

IMG_7582Located on DeLaMar street, across from Page and Palette and Mr. Gene’s Beans, The Copper Column building itself is an ever-changing work of art.


IMG_7586Another artist represented in the shop is nationally acclaimed sculptor Craig Riches, who creates fascinating pieces that gently twirl and spiral in the breeze. Perfect for a porch or pier.

IMG_7581For everyone out of our area, Suzanne is glad to ship to your location.


IMG_7553Decked out now for Christmas, it’s the perfect place to explore and find unique, handmade Christmas gifts for that hard-to-shop-for person. Or, better yet . . . yourself.


Hurry over to The Copper Column at 311 DeLaMar Avenue, or call to have a little chat with the artists at: 251-232-8174.

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