A surprising Labor Day admission

Shells 2

I recently read a boring predictable article about Labor Day, until I came to the end that is. It started out by stating the obvious that the holiday was signed into law by President Grover Cleveland in 1882.

shells 3It also noted that the first Monday in September was set aside to honor the American worker, celebrating their economic contributions to society. Nice.

shells 4

New York City hosted the first ever Labor Day parade. Well, I didn’t know that, but could have guessed.

It also mentioned that the holiday is the unofficial end to summer, which I refuse to acknowledge. I like to stretch summer out as long as possible.


shell 5The article also went on to note that in recent years, Labor Day brought added economic benefits to communities through large sales at retail stores across the country. Okay, that I definitely knew.

And the last note of the story surprised me by putting it down in black and white, and stating that “high society” uses Labor Day to mark the end of wearing white shoes and seersucker.shells 6What? I thought everyone in the world except those in the deep South had given up on the Easter/Labor Day tradition. Wouldn’t my sweet country Grandmother love to know she’s now referred to as, “High Society?” Southerners of all walks of life have always gone by the rule, not just a certain class of people. But obviously now . . . we’re all very fancy.

What a darlin’ little ole’ story that was.

Bless the author’s heart, and the hearts of the American workforce!

Happy Labor Day to you all.


For a refresher, here’s my story about, “Why we wait for white.”  Just read it backwards to understand why we put it away after Labor Day.


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