Thanksgiving Gravy


This could be a life motto.

When you have something good, make it even better by putting  a little gravy on it.


On the Gulf Coast, we call it “lagniappe.” A little extra. A bit more. Something unexpected. You give your best, and then go the extra mile.


This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for all my wonderful readers – you are my “gravy” in life.


You have left  6 THOUSAND comments on my blog in the past year, and have read my posts for over two years. You show an interest in Fairhope, even though many of you have never been here. It’s a magical, charming town, and you have told me you like hearing about the quirky folks, artists, businesses and events. It’s a slice of Southern life where things are simpler, easier, and everyone is good-looking. (Just seeing if you’re paying attention).

Fairhope is a place where residents are (generally) nice, friendly, creative and people of action. We have so many events (for a small town) because people step up to the plate and take charge. We are a city of planners, dreamers and doers.

Pumpkin-at-Fairhope harborWe don’t have big-city things like Taco Bell or Pottery Barn, but maybe that’s the way we like it. Maybe we like local Mexican food at El Mexicano made by our friend Jose’ and his 14 family members. Maybe we like our pottery made by hand by local artists like Tom Jones.

Gulf Coast Thanksgiving
We are thankful that locally owned businesses create the sparkle in what would otherwise be yet another homogenized town with big-box-same-ole’-bland-cookie-cutter-style. Cheers to sparkle! Cheers to locally owned businesses! Cheers to uniqueness!

You like reading about what goes on along the Gulf Coast, (in addition to a few rabbit trails that run hither and yon), and have responded kindly to the articles from my newspaper column, “Southern with a Gulf Coast Accent,” and for that, I am very, very thankful indeed.


I’ll take a few days off to clean house, roast a turkey, meet a few friends for pumpkin spiced coffee at Latte’ Da, and tend to college boy and his new lack of wisdom teeth. But I look forward to returning to celebrate the Christmas season with my dear readers.


frozen-turkeyHappy Thanksgiving to all of you! You are much appreciated and cherished!


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City-wide Thanksgiving service, open to all – Fairhope United Methodist Church 9am – Thanksgiving morning, featuring the African Universal Choir and continental breakfast.

City -wide lunch provided by Ransom Cafe’ – Christian Life Center, Fairhope United Methodist Church 11am-2pm.

Movie-In-The-Streets was postponed from last Saturday until tonight- Wednesday. 6pm Downtown. Bring chairs, blankets and wear your PJ’s to watch Polar Express!

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