Fairhope Film Festival update


The Search for General Tso

It’s almost time for the Fairhope Film Festival, and the announcement of films is causing a stir around town, and you know,  there’s nothing a small town loves more than a good stir.


Trip to Italy

Let’s just say, there is definitely something for everyone, and the excitement level is running at an all-time high. Tickets are being snatched up quickly for the November 6-9th event, and if you love films and the arts and want to visit beautiful Fairhope, this is the perfect opportunity!


Forty carefully chosen films are being presented in walkable venues throughout our little village-by-the-bay and we officially invite you to attend. Red carpet parties, lectures and other events will be offered to expand the experience.


Midnight madness movies will be shown at the Fairhope Brewing Company on Friday and Saturday nights. Ooohh! They’ll be scary!


I’ve perused the list of available films and finally decided on a few I absolutely must see. These screen gems and their descriptions from the Film Festival web site include:




Alive Inside chronicles the astonishing experiences of individuals who have been revitalized through music. It reveals the uniquely human connection we find in music and how its healing power can triumph where prescription medication falls short.


And although I have a huge problem with violence, (squeamish – look between fingers over face) I think I maybe-sort of- kind 0f, want to see this film, because I have a friend who is a pastor, and at one point (even though I thought he had lost his mind), he incorporated this element into his church in Kansas . . .




Fight Church is a documentary about the confluence of Christianity and Mixed Martial Arts. The film follows several pastors and fighters in a quest to reconcile their faith with a sport that some consider violent and barbaric. Faith is tried and questions are raised.


Do I qualify as open minded now?


My newfound love of photography leads me to this film . . .




Finding Vivian Maier is the critically acclaimed documentary about a mysterious nanny who secretly took over 100,000 photographs and hid them in storage lockers. They were discovered decades later, and are now considered some of the best photographs of the 20th century.


My love of all things delicious has me headed to see this film . . .



NARRATIVE / FRANCE (subtitles) / 84 mins

A famous chef, played by veteran French actor Jean Reno, finds his position at a renowned restaurant threatened by a young hotshot specializing in chemically enhanced cuisine. He partners with a self-taught gourmet, whose creativity makes up for his lack of formal kitchen training.

And because I’m a sucker for anything that says, “possibility of romance” . . .



NARRATIVE / FRANCE (subtitles) / 116 mins

This delightful road film follows a broken-hearted sixty-something woman facing serious financial troubles with the restaurant she has been forced to run. She sets off on a trip to collect her thoughts. She ends up on a voyage that forces her to confront her past and open up the possibility of a romance.



These are just a few of the films I’ll be circling on my schedule. After meeting with a few friends, they had ideas of their own. One highly recommended, “Blood & Circumstance” not only because it’s supposed to be a fascinating plot, but also because it was originally written in book form by our own Fairhope author Frank Hollan.

The Search for General Tso is also a film I’ll try to see, since I love those foodie flicks!

The Dark Valley has also been highly recommended and is described as a German Clint Eastwood movie. Subtitles will help those of us not fluent in German.



Yves-Saint-Laurent — Narrative from France with subtitles


Another foreign flick that looks great is The Lunchbox, which explores what happens when a woman’s lunchbox notes to her beloved husband end up in the lunch of another. Subtitles will also be available for this one, which is presented in Hindi.

buy-tickets-01-2There are so many more movies to tell you about, and I’m wondering how I’ll have time to see all of my “favorites.” (Like Trip To Italy) To see the complete list of options, CLICK HERE.

Make sure to follow the Fairhope Film Festival on Facebook, where they are giving away tickets every now and then. This is a fabulous project that the people of Fairhope, and the entire region are supporting in huge numbers. The original founders of Fairhope had stressed the importance of the arts, and this is one more layer of artistic endeavors in our community.

Come join the fun! We hope to see you among the crowds in Fairhope, during the amazing and exciting Fairhope Film Festival.


visit the facebook page for Fairhope Film Festival HERE and register for prizes to be given away! 

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