A Story About Oliver North

Oliver North with our local WKRG reporter. 

Lt. Colonel Oliver North arrived in Fairhope on Thursday to sign copies of his latest book, “Heroes Proved” at Page and Palette. His bus driver was also the hero in my eyes, parallel parking the immense custom bus on his first try on tiny De La Mar Street!

While I waited and chatted with friends in the crowd, I was able to witness the New York Times, #1 bestselling author, combat decorated U.S. Marine, syndicated columnist and Fox News host in a very private and meaningful moment.

Among the crowd of people, there was a woman anxiously awaiting Lt. Colonel North’s arrival. She was very serious and had requested to speak to North privately.  Without revealing too much of her private information, I learned she had requested to ask for a special prayer from North. I thought she may just ask Oliver North to pray for whatever situation she had, and he would tell her he would remember to do just that, shake her hand, and be on his way.

But with TV cameras and a crowd waiting in a line down the street, Oliver North stepped off the bus, walked straight over to her, and listened intently as she cried and spoke quietly. And then, right there on the sidewalk, he discretely bowed his head and prayed with her.  No one really noticed what was going on, as the crowds shifted for a better position in line.

It was a humble act of profound kindness from a man who has known greatness.

No matter what your politics happen to be, don’t you like it when famous people turn out to be genuinely kind?


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  1. Anonymous says

    Bus should have never been allowed to park on De La Mar. Disruptive to all other shop owners and residents. He could have walked or been driven in a car from a parking lot appropriate for the bus. This was an ego display.

  2. Dixie says

    Anonymous…did you consider that a hero’s bus might actually draw a crowd to the businesses and the shop owners might benefit?

  3. Anonymous says

    I was actually there with my sister and we both agree the bus didn’t block any business except Page and Palette. It was legally parked on the street. The one blocking the street that day was the UPS truck and that was only for a few minutes.

    The publisher loans the bus for the tour for advertisement. It has nothing to do with ego.

    And Oliver North was great!

  4. Dixie says

    I’d LOVE to see Oliver North. Lucky folks in Fairhope…Condalezza Rice, Ronda Rich, now Oliver North all coming to Page & Palette. What a splendid shop and fabulous town!

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