Kickstart Jordy Searcy!

What were you doing when you were 18 years old?  Recording your first CD? Well then, you and Jordy Searcy have a lot in common!

Born in Baton Rouge, but a Fairhope resident since he was in 7th grade, this guy is amazingly talented. He sings, writes his own songs, plays guitar and claims to be a pretty good surfer too! “The Surfing Song” is one of Jordy’s cleverly written tunes and also my favorite, so my guess is he’s seen a wave or two.

As a student at The University of Mobile, and a part time guitar instructor at Bayshore Christian School, Jordy doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands, yet, he’s decided to launch his first major CD. This is going to take $4,400, but Jordy has planned every detail.  He’s quite the businessman, and has spelled out his exact need over at Kickstarter.

I love the Kickstarter idea.  Friends, folks, foreigners, foes and family from all over the world can look through the business plan and donate small or large amounts of money to help fund the idea.  Little dollars can add up fast, and it’s been fun watching Jordy’s account grow.

For a small donation, Jordy will throw a song or T-shirt your way.  For a larger donation, he’ll give you a private guitar lesson, take you surfing or even give a private house concert for you and your friends.

I downloaded several of Jordy’s songs and can’t begin to tell you how great they are.  Strange thing is, everyone in our house likes them, from teenagers and up.  (Let’s just leave it at “up.”)  Jordy’s on my iTunes playlist right after The Jordanaires – and no, I’m not of that generation, I just think Elvis’ gang is ultra retro cool. My “J” list also contains John Mellencamp, Jimmy Buffett and June Christy, so I guess that makes me eclectic. Jordy holds his own and fits right in with them all.

If everyone in town throws a few $$ Jordy’s way, we can all someday say we helped launch yet another great artist from Fairhope!

And he might just take you surfing!

Click here to listen to or download some of Jordy’s music.
Click here to see Jordy’s Kickstarter project.

And speaking of The University of Mobile, the 10th Annual Christmas Spectacular takes place this weekend at Dauphin Way Baptist Church.  It will feature more than 300 students and faculty from the University School of Music and School of Worship Leadership.  Performances will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6:45.  Admission is free, but those who have tickets will receive first seating. Call 251-442-2420 for information. 

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  1. Sullivan says

    I listen to his music too and it is great! Definitely go to his kickstarter page and help him make more! I am hoping for some vinyls!


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