Book Lover’s Christmas

I found this antique book tree at Fairhope Antiquery on Section Street.  I just love it, and think I’ll try to make one myself.  The problem is, finding a place to put it!  The books serve as a good reminder that I need to get busy shopping.  Receiving new books for Christmas is always a big hit at our house.
Here are a few books I’ve discovered that you may enjoy reading or giving this year.
This is just plain funny.  Teens will crack up over this one.  I have a copy hiding in my closet,
ready to wrap and give as a gift to a snarky teenager I know.
This is a fictional account of a terrorist attack on Houston in the year 2032.  Most thrillers seem a bit fake to me, but I’m guessing Oliver North knows a thing or two about the topic. 
Can’t wait to read this one!
And you know how I like Georgia author Ronda Rich.  I’ve written about this book before (click here to read) and its great short snippets of positive, encouraging stories.
Who doesn’t need that in this day and age?
This is a book I want to read, dealing with the decline of the Longleaf Pine forests in the south. Longleaf, Far As The Eye Can See, written in part by Bellingrath Gardens Director and Mobile Press-Register gardening columnist, Bill Finch.  

Another book I’ve already told you about (click here) is JUBILEE! by Fairhope author Karyn Tunks. It is my new favorite children’s book and makes a wonderful gift for both children and adults.
And here’s one that isn’t for children. We can all agree Willie Nelson is an interesting person,
if not a person of interest.  Always a good story from Willie. 
And to balance the Willie Nelson recommendation, I’ll end with Joel Osteen’s new book. 
 I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life.  He’s a pretty predictable guy, but this is safe to give your Granny.

Or maybe your Granny likes Willie Nelson.
You make the call.

If you are local, all these books can be found at Page and Palette.  
They will also be glad to ship far, far, away.


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  1. Dixie says

    Seeing Dick & Jane takes me right back to first grade in Mrs. Perry’s class. I loved those books! Little Sally, Spot, Puff and Tim are very dear, old friends. Too bad children no longer learn to read with this family.

  2. says

    being the world’s biggest willie fan I am somewhat biased, but his book ‘Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die’ is really good. it’s a light fast read. I was touched with how family focused it is. which really shouldn’t surprise me since his band is called The Family!

    great post!!

  3. Anonymous says

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