Crazy, I Tell You

Say what?
What is this world coming to?
I am not making this up . . .  as I sat writing this, my doors were flung wide open to enjoy the 74° morning, when suddenly, a  bird flew in, landed behind me on the Christmas Tree, flew over to the back of the sofa, then by the time I realized what was happening, flew out the door!
If you’ve read my previous post about birds, you know how they freak me out.  But it happened so quickly, I was able to appear very brave.
This warm weather is making everything around here all crazy.  When I was out for a walk yesterday, I saw an Azalea in full bloom – and then, of all things a Gardenia!
At least the unusually warm weather hasn’t damaged the cabbages growing downtown at the Windmill Market.  What? You don’t have cabbages growing in your downtown?  Crazy. 
Hello nature? It’s December!
We are in the Christmas spirit, but it feels like summer.  Technically, it’s still Fall.  This photo is the only proof I’ve found of any Autumn at all.  A 3 foot square of pretty fall leaves.  That’s all we got of Autumn this year.  Next week, it is predicted we will swap our 80° temperatures for nighttime lows in the 30’s!
If you blinked, you missed Autumn this year.


Good-bye Summer and hello Winter.  Plenty of joy, but no Autumn on the Gulf Coast.
Crazy, I tell you.

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  1. says

    Love this warm weather! I love the story about the bird. That happened to us once, and he landed on the shoulder of one of my sons. Freaked me out!

  2. Rachel says

    We’ve had birds fly in 4-5 times. Poor things are so frightened and it’s a nightmare getting them out. Even worse is when our cat brings in live chipmunks and we’re chasing them as they bounce from room to room. Enjoy the warm weekend!

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