Happy 2013

Take your pick of several fun and interesting activities along the Gulf Coast that will ring 2013 in with style!  What kind of style?  Well, that depends on your company for the evening!
You can see “The Moon Pie Drop” in Mobile, AL
“The Pelican Drop” in Pensacola, FL
And there’s my all time favorite,
“The Big Ball ‘O Christmas Lights Dropped From The Hook and Ladder Truck”
 in lovely Fairhope, AL.
Wherever you celebrate, and whatever you drop, 
Happy 2013 to you!

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  1. says

    We watched the Moon Pie Drop on TV last night! I must say that the entertainment might not have been up to Rockin’ Eve snuff, but the actual “drop” was what I always thought a drop should be – long and slow.

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