Hometown Christmas Parade

There’s nothing like a hometown parade, and the Fairhope Magical Christmas Parade was a huge success!

A quick rain shower stopped minutes before the parade stepped off, to the delight of one of the largest crowds ever.  Here are a few highlights . . .

Alabama’s oldest continuous Boy Scout Troop 47 led things off. They will celebrate 85 years of service next September.
And just a little reminder, don’t forget to remove your hat and put your hand over your heart when the flag passes by.  Yelling, “throw me some candy” to the color guard is not appropriate.

Our new City Council rode in the antique Fairhope Fire Engine.  You can see this fire engine displayed at the Fairhope Museum of History. You can see the City Council at McSharry’s.

Popular radio host, Lori DuBose Guy from
our wonderful local WABF, 1220 AM radio station. 

The official station of Swap Shop, Neil Diamond and The Carpenters.

A beautiful Christmas Princess.

The world needs more baton twirlers.
Come to think of it, if Malia and Sasha Obama twirled baton, there would (probably) be great world peace.  Or just some very expensive broken national treasures in the Blue Room.                                                       

Our fabulous Baldwin County Junior Miss representatives.
Didn’t they change the name to “Young Women of Distinction?”
I vote to keep”Junior Miss.”

Extra points for polka-dots!

Santa Pig!!!!  Piggly Wiggly joined in the festivities.
Mmmmmm, bacon.

One of our lovely Dogwood Trail Maids.

And First Baptist Church never disappoints the crowds.  This year, their Rose Bowl – worthy float had a revolving giant birthday cake, music, Mary, Joseph, The Babe, Shepherds, Angels and Wise Men. It was a beautiful sight.  The Holy Family even threw me some Taffy.
I think FBC must have some engineers in their congregation. 

The Methodists and Catholics used to have floats, but I think they just gave up after seeing FBC’s entries for the last few years. 

And the Fairhope Pee Wee Cheerleaders and Football Players under their
beautifully decorated, GIANT Pirate flag. 

There had to be a Mom behind the creation of this masterpiece.

And if you are from outside our area, allow me to explain:  
Because we are located just a few miles from Mobile, Alabama, the birthplace of U.S. Mardi Gras (NOT New Orleans – I’ll cover that a few months from now) all, and I mean ALL our parades cover the streets with candy and beads.  
Children from Fairhope have been known to cry at parades in Disney World because they are so disappointed that Mickey Mouse didn’t throw them candy or Moon Pies.  Lame ol’ Mouse!
We know how to parade! 
Now, go have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  

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  1. says

    Great pictures! Looks like everyone was having fun. I use to have a Junior miss lunchbox in 3rd or 4th grade. I agree they shouldn’t change the name.

  2. Anonymous says

    Laughed out loud at your reminder about not yelling at the color guard to throw candy. Hooray for Fairhope being a long time sponsor of Boy Scouts.
    A. Pat

  3. Karyn Tunks says

    Thanks for posting these beautiful photos of the Christmas parade in our magical little town. I wasn’t able to be there in person so the pics are very much appreciated.

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