Melt Your Heart Art – Gift Ideas

Here’s something that will melt your heart.

Under the direction of Nancy Raia at the Eastern Shore Art Center, the art students at Fairhope High School have been decorating these boxes, donated by Build-A-Bear Workshop, to transform into gingerbread houses. They will be used as decorations for the Pediatric Hospice party the students will host.  
Yes, Pediatric Hospice.  
I’ll pause here to count my blessings.  
Okay, back to the Art Center . . .
Children attending another class recently learned how students at the Alabama Institute for the Blind learn how to paint a wreath.  They use a round Coke bottle cap to guide them to make the circle.  So clever and fun for everyone!

More blessing counting right now.

Artwork dancing in the window. It’s such a happy place!
Are these projects and classes a better way for children to spend their time rather than sitting at home in front of a video game?  
So how do you help?  
Go shopping in the Art Center’s Gift Shop, or purchase a Membership as a gift!
For those of you outside the Fairhope area, I’m sure you also have a place where local artists sell their work.  What a wonderful gift to receive a one-of-a-kind item, made locally!  

I wish I had the name of the potter who created these wonderful bowls and vases.  They are even more beautiful in person, and are available in the gift shop. (hint, hint)
I took a pottery class at ESAC once, thinking it couldn’t be difficult.  I mean, I can make a snowman out of play-dough that looks pretty spiffy.  But the actual pottery class was almost as hard (for me) as a college math class I once cried my way through. It didn’t help that everyone else was breezing through “Bowls- 101”, and Master Artist James Hood kept breezing through the classroom saying, “Look what I created from scraps of clay I found on the bottom of my shoe!” while holding something that resembled an Asian version of the Statue of Liberty.  

 I was banned from class for a few days after a small outburst.
My snowman was disappointed in me.

Needless to say, I really, really admire good potters now. 

I also spotted this fabulous painting by artist Terry Page, then had my hopes dashed when I saw, “NFS” – Not For Sale. It’s part of the current Member’s Show, but there are many other beautiful works that are for sale and I know would look stunning in your home or office.

Great gift ideas that help the community.

Stop in weekdays, 10am – 4pm or Saturday 10am – 2pm.  Call ESAC at 251-928-2228 for more information.

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