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When your family has trouble finding money for new shoes or gas for the car, a professional family portrait is out of the question. Capturing family memories has been put on the “luxury list” by many these past few years.

If you’ve read Fairhope Supply Co. for a while, you know I love telling you about people who see a need, then step up and take action to get the job done. And once again, a group has done just that.

“Help Portrait,” is an international movement of amateur photographers who have volunteered their services to capture beautiful portraits of families in need.  This creative act of kindness has helped over 62,000 families around the world – just this year alone!  These portraits are deeply appreciated and become instant treasures in homes where they have little else.

Eastern Shore Camera Club members Greg Pack and Georgia Sims teamed up to get the best shot.

Locally, The Eastern Shore Camera Club took on this huge project and worked with Ecumenical Ministries to identify families in need.  Fairhope Untied Methodist Church offered the use of their Fellowship Hall while local hairdressers volunteered their skills to give beautiful make-overs and touch- ups to happy faces.

Fairhope resident Debbie Godard headed up this amazing effort and did an outstanding job. Eighteen photographers along with forty-two other volunteers gave away 151 beautiful family portraits, each one a masterpiece for our neighbors who often go unnoticed.

Chick-fil-A provided snacks and Nancy Raia from the Eastern Shore Art Center helped with props.  Best Buy donated brand new printers that worked perfectly.

California based photographer Doug Churchill took this touching photo at another Help Portrait location and said, ” As I was loading studio gear back into my truck, I saw this man sitting against the wall, with all his belongings, staring at the group photo we gifted him.  The group isn’t his family, but his friends whom he considers family.”

Once again, kindness has made us all better.

For more information on the Eastern Shore Camera Club or 
next year’s “Help Portrait” day, click here

For information on the International Organization of “Help Portrait”  click here. 

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