The Williamsburg Fan

Living in a warm, moist climate like the Gulf Coast is always a challenge for outdoor decorations.  I put candy canes on a wreath one year, and I found them dripping down the door with bugs having a holiday feast.
This year, December has seen temperatures in the 80’s and as low as the 30’s.  So you think, would anyone dare put fresh fruit on the front porch?
Does a Southern woman drink sweet tea?
Heck yes.
Decorations and adornments are in our blood.  It’s like breathing.  We have to do it.
So, weather be damned. Give me a hammer, hot glue, and a bag of fruit from Piggly Wiggly and the day is dawning anew.
These are photos from my friend Ann’s front door.  You will remember I showed you her entire AMAZING house last week. (click here to relive the dream).
Williamsburg Fans are the rage in many areas.  I made one about 15 years ago, and lived in fear that the pineapple was going to fall on someone’s head.
Ann’s version is stunning.  Using a group of several small pineapples gives it balance and interest.
She began by creating a plywood base with nails in the correct position for spearing the fruit.  The base can be used many times over.
Ann’s front entryway.
With anyone else, their fruit would have turned mushy by now, but the apples, oranges and pineapples over Ann’s door are perfectly behaved.  She knows how to pick good fruit.
And it wouldn’t dare fall on anyone!
Here are a few other examples of Williamsburg Fans.  Not as pretty as Ann’s, but beautiful in their own right.
This is the basic arrangement.
This one went wild and used pears.

I like the greenery in this fan.

The challenge for next Christmas?  Williamsburg Fans for all our front doors!
Just watch your heads for falling fruit!
Many thanks to Ann for allowing me to share her beautiful home.  Click here to see the entire house.

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