Aubergine, Fowl Covers and Bugs Bunny

Aubergine used to be a wonderful restaurant here in Fairhope. I spent a memorable New Year’s Eve there dancing to a Jazz Combo that played “Stars Fell on Alabama.”  Several years ago the restaurant closed, but reopened as one of the most fabulous culinary antiques stores in the southeast.  And its new name?  Aubergine Antiques.  Why change a good thing?

You can see some of Aubergine’s large collection of antique copper pots and heavy cabinetry pieces in the back of this photo.

Recently featured in Alabama Magazine, Aubergine has found a loyal following from locals as well as collectors and decorators from far, far away.

The article in Alabama Magazine, by Annalise Devries featured my
cute friend Sherry, who is the manager at Aubergine.

Aubergine owners are always searching for interesting items from Italy, Germany, England, Belgium and France to bring to their customers.  One of the most intriguing collections they currently have is a group of antique Fowl Covers.

What?  Are your fowls uncovered?  How gauche!  You must run immediately to Aubergine and purchase a shiny silver dome to shield your fowl from . . . whatever it is that needs shielding.

I think the large silver domes are stunning and remind me of a favorite Bugs Bunny episode – “Where’s my Hasenpfeffer???”

Sizes for quail, duck, turkey or goose – take your pick.  I’ll consult Emily Post on which size is preferable for Turducken. Or better yet, just get one of each.

Other similar domes are referred to as “meat domes” or just plain “food domes.” But for some reason, these are “fowl.”  I’ll have to ask Sherry why that is.

Bon Appetit!

Visit Aubergine’s web site here.

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  1. Anonymous says

    How could I have lived this long and not acquired a Fowl Cover? The pieces are beautiful. Still laughing at the Hasenpfeffer cartoon. You made my day!! Thanks.
    A. Pat

  2. says

    What an amazing treat it would be to browse through that store! The covers are wonderful and I suppose the right shape for birds. On second thought, it’s probably a good thing I don’t live next door to Aubergine Antiques. 😉

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