Don’t Mess With My King Cake

Fairhope Supply Co. has so many wonderful out-of-state readers that have let me know they are a bit confused by all our craziness.  So I thought I would shed some light on a sweet treat we love to eat during Mardi Gras . . .

King Cake!
Jesus?  Is that you?

King Cake is shaped in a ring or crown shape, and is made from cinnamon roll style dough.  It is topped with a plain sugar frosting that is colored Mardi Gras colors of Green, Gold and Purple.

A trinket, usually a baby is hidden inside the cake, representing Baby Jesus. (remember – Mardi Gras leads up to Lent, then to Easter, so technically it’s a religious holiday, although “religious” may not be the right road to go down with this).


Often, King Cakes will be filled with cream cheese or a fruit filling.  Whoever receives the slice of cake containing the baby is supposed to host the next party or provide the next cake, although I’ve never really seen that happen. You know, around here, people just like to exaggerate a bit. (I’ve never personally known anyone like that).

King Cake
Publix has even started baking King Cakes.

Certain bakeries are famous for their delicious King Cakes, but you can find them this time of year at just about every grocery store, gas station and hardware store.  (That may be an exaggeration).

Randazzo’s in Slidell and New Orleans is probably the most famous King Cake bakery.

At one of my Mardi Gras soirees in the past, I was horrified to see a Mother calmly watching as her  9 year old daughter stood at the sideboard and ripped my King Cake apart in tiny little pieces, with her grimy little hands, so she could find the baby.

With my best southern belle smile, I said, “Oh, darlin’, you are getting your precious little hands all messy!  Gracious, let me help you wash up, sugar pie!”

What I really meant was, “Do not grow up and date my son.”

They were not invited back.  (And that’s no exaggeration).

We take King Cake seriously around here.

Happy Mardi Gras, y’all.

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  1. Dixie says

    I can’t wait to try some King Cake this year. We never celebrated Mardi Gras before, but it seems like a fun tradition to start.

  2. says

    You are too funny. That youngun needs a good spankin. I have seen King Cake at Publix. My daddy really made me mad when he ran off to Mardi Gras right after I married. He never took us on vacation.

  3. says

    Oh a good King Cake is just the best treat. I still have a few trinkets I found in past cakes that I’ve saved. (As for that little girl…. she must have forgotten her manners at home, bless her heart.)

  4. says

    You make me YEARN for a King Cake!!

    My husband usually orders me one from New Orleans, because the grocery store ones around here should not even be allowed to call themselves King Cake. Cardboard would be a better choice of wording.

    But alas, this year we’re dieting, and I can eat a whole King Cake in about a week, so no K.C. for me this year.

    But oh…it looks so tasty.

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