Marietta Johnson Statue

Out of the many famous Fairhopers, Marietta Johnson is my favorite.  A true pioneer in the field of education, Mrs. Johnson began her own experimental school here in 1907.  She was years ahead in her educational theories and still to this day, is studied in Universities around the world.  

This beautiful statue of Mrs. Johnson with two enthralled students sits atop the bluff, overlooking the Fairhope Public Pier and Mobile Bay. It was designed and sculpted by artists Fran Neumann, Barbara Casey and Richard Arnold.

The lifelike details are amazing, and I embarrass my children (which is my job) every time we walk past the statue, by saying “hello” to Mrs. Johnson and the children.

There is also a wonderful museum in Fairhope, dedicated to Marietta Johnson and her school.  It is worth a stop if you are visiting, and if you live in Fairhope, I hope you will make a point to see it one day. 
Click here to visit the Marietta Johnson Museum web site. 

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