Top Posts of 2012

This isn’t a balanced assessment of this past year’s posts at Fairhope Supply Co., since we’ve only been up and running since July.  The small beginnings have now begun to take root and we’re finding readers from all over the country.  There are even those we’ve heard from in Australia, England and Germany!  We never imagined people would be so interested in Fairhope, Alabama!  Dang!

Taking into consideration our early start with only a few (cherished) readers, we’ve used sophisticated, scientific calculations to reveal the top posts of the year. A dartboard may or may not have been used.

The Christmas posts all went off the charts with the stories about Elvis is In The Manger and Ann’s Gift! But other than the Christmas posts, here are the reader’s top 10 for 2012.  Thanks for sharing Fairhope Supply Co. with your friends, and stay tuned for good things in 2013!

10. Orange You Glad We Live Here?

9. Peanuts and a Bible Story

8. Inside the Brown Pocketbook

7. A Veteran’s Day Story

6. Middle School Makes Us Smile

5. The Perfectly Picked Pecan

4. Southern Hair vs. Humidity

3. What Kind of Mother Doesn’t Fry Okra

2. I Need A Southern Siri

And at the #1 Spot for the year is . . .

1. 23 Southern Sayings

Here’s to another fun year in Fairhope!

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