Our Lovely Dogwood Trail Maids

One of the 2013 winners, Annie Yonge
If you think pageants are all fun and games . . . this year, you would be right.
The 53rd Annual Dogwood Trail Pageant and Scholarship Program drew nearly 1,000 people to the Fairhope Civic Center last month. The fun and games part?  Well, that was this year’s theme.  Each of the 42 contestants were assigned a childhood game and asked to give a short presentation in costume of that game.  Checkers, Jenga, Clue and Operation all started the evening off with F-U-N!
If you didn’t get your ticket early, you were out of luck.
But some games require high degrees of skill, and that applies to these up and coming future leaders of our community.  “Sharp” doesn’t even begin to describe the intelligence, poise, and many capabilities of these young ladies.  The interviewing, scheduling, and personal relation skills needed for this year—long commitment will groom these teens for greatness.
The Optimist Club of the Eastern Shore has been graciously sponsoring this pageant for many years and funding it through the sale of Christmas Trees.
Our own Fairhope High School graduate and current U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin was part of this pageant in 1974, and placed in the top ten finalists. Other participants have gone on to become successful in a wide range of other areas.
Pageant night!
Dogwood Trail Maids from past years
Representing our Eastern Shore community at various events throughout the year, including the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C., the Trail Maids are the best possible ambassadors for our corner of the world.
People recognize this group by their beautiful hand-sewn, hoop-skirt dresses that create the illusion of flowers floating on air, but the truth is, the dresses only serve as a symbol of the elegance the wearers possess within.
What contributes to the overall beauty and growth of a Dogwood?
Strong roots.
And these young ladies have their roots planted firmly in the rich traditions of Baldwin County Alabama.  Just stand back, and watch them grow!
Congratulations to our own 2013 Dogwood Trail Maids!
Peach – Emily Cook
Lavender – Kaitlyn Hickman
Blue – Rachel Jernigan
Yellow – Aubrey Little
Green – Kristi McCoy
Pink – Savannah Middleton
Aqua – Annie Yonge

Thank you to the Eastern Shore Optimist Club, The Dogwood Trail Pageant and Chris Finerty for the use of photos.

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  1. says

    Oh how fun to read about these girls…great theme with the childhood games. Both of my girls were Azalea Trail Maids in Mobile and both enjoyed their year with this awesome program.


  2. Anonymous says

    With all the awful things shown on TV now days how wonderful to have a wholesome group of young ladies to exhibit what real beauty is all about. What a fun and wonderful pageant! Your town is to be commended for this lovely tradition. And very impressive that a graduate of Fairhope High School grew up to be the Surgeon General of the United States.
    Great blog.
    A. Pat

  3. says

    Well, it was such fun to read about the maids and the pageant! I am from Alabama but have never seen the maids in person…only in parades in TV and such. They are just beautiful young ladies…it was fun to see them all in big fluffy dresses on the stage. Thanks for sharing this information. I saw your post over at “Savvy Southern Style” blog party.

  4. says

    Two of my cousins were Azalea Trail Maids in Mobile, and I just love the look of the traditional dresses. We have an Azalea Trail here in Panama City, but it isn’t nearly as distinguished as the Mobile maids. Even so, I love that we keep that tradition here, as well.

    New follower :)


  5. says

    Such pretty little Southern Belles…My husband and I visited Mobile and Fairhope several years ago. I remember the lovely young ladies in their sweet colorful gowns and ruffles.
    I will always have a fond spot in my heart for your welcoming hometown.
    Blessings from Oregon,

  6. molly says

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a dogwood trail maid i have gotten to try on aubrey’s (yellow) hat!!!! 2018 or 2019 yellow here i come!!! :)

  7. says

    I saw a picture of the maids in Maryln Schwartz’ book and I was thinking, I wonder if there’s any reference to these girls on the Fairhope blog” I read the current entry and at the end there was a photo linking back to this article.
    It’s so wonderful that this tradition continues with so much ugliness and negativity in the word today.

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