4 Amazing Beach Houses

I was in Gulf Shores Alabama this past week and saw some beautiful beach houses, but alas, it was too rainy to get any good photos. So I did the next best thing – found some amazing
beach houses at Coastal Living Magazine.
This beauty was featured as the 2008 Coastal Living Idea House in Galveston, Texas. Just as they finished moving in the furniture, Hurricane Ike struck the coast. Landscaping was lost, but the well constructed house was unharmed. Coastal builders have learned a lot in the last few decades.
This house in North Carolina is only 1,350 square feet, which shows that it isn’t only about the house – let’s don’t forget there’s a beautiful beach outside your door.  I like the clean, simple and traditional look of this house, and the inviting porch is where I would spend most of my time.
This New England style house is on the shore of Bailey Island, Maine. It’s not only equipped to take the harsh punishment of salt water in the air, but also freezing snows on the rooftop. I’ll bet there isn’t even air conditioning in this house, which is unheard of down here on the Gulf Coast.
And this house in Long Beach, California is a combination of styles. The upstairs balcony looks like it opens into a bedroom. And don’t you like the sailboat weathervane on the roof?
I just hope these beautiful homes have a view like we do in Baldwin County. Of course, I took this photo in Gulf Shores on a day when it wasn’t raining.
White sand, blue water, blue sky.
Nothing better.
Which style of beach house do you like best?

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  1. says

    My favorites are the first one and the last one. On my run I go past some pretty beach houses. I was thinking one day I would snap pictures of my favorites. I hope the owners don’t mind!

    • says

      Yes, whenever I take photos of houses, I feel a little creepy. If the owners are close by, sometimes I explain that I want to show their house in a blog and they are always very happy and nice about it. Other times, if they are giving of a “vibe” I just keep on moving!!!

  2. says

    Oh I am so excited…headed down to my beach condo in Gulf Shores tomorrow and NO RAIN in the forecast:)))) Missed you last night at the pre-view party…we had a huge crowd…400 folks…busy today too.


  3. says

    I like the little one story, small house. I live in a small beach cottage because I would rather spend my time on the beach or in my garden than inside cleaning. But, I would obviously take any of them.

  4. Rachel says

    I surely miss living an hour from the NC beaches! Nothing is more peaceful than walking along the surf’s edge with foamy water lapping at your toes. Love ALL these houses!

  5. says

    I love them all! I am lucky enough to have a beach house in Orange Beach, so I know what you mean about the rainy weather we’ve had this year, and there is nothing better than our views of the gulf over the white shimmering sand on a sunny day!

  6. says

    That first house is just spectacular! What an incredible design! Beautiful – I wish I was there right now :) So nice to visit your blog and have a taste of the beach!

  7. says

    Which ever had the best view! I love the Gulf Coast and my goal is to see more of it. Only been to Sanibel Island, St. Petersburg and Tampa and on the Panhandle of Florida. Dying to get to Alabama and Mississippi. Nothing beats the sugar white sand and the calm turquoise water.

    I always wanted a beach house with the cedar shake siding, so the last two are my faves. I love their blue doors, too!

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