Big Flakes

Having always lived in the deep South, I distinctly remember seeing 
my first “big” snowfall when I was eight years old, and being totally disappointed. 

I thought snowflakes were supposed to look like they did on cartoons.
Like the kind we made at school by folding paper into points and cutting out chunks with our scissors.
Flakes as big as

your head and slowly spinning and twirling to cover the ground in a smooth, thick blanket of white.

Everyone kept pointing and saying, “Look! It’s snowing!”
“Where? Where is it?” I kept asking.
“There! Don’t you see it coming down?”

“You mean those tiny dots of white? That’s snow?”
All you veterans of snowstorms had better not laugh, because we’ve witnessed your crazy reaction when you visit our beaches. 
“LOOK! Look, Elmer! Look at the SAND!!!!”
“It looks like SNOW!!!”
Ha! It’s Gulf Coast sand.
And yes, it really is this white.
Just like snow.
Only much more conducive to dancing barefoot with Jimmy Buffet tunes.
All of you above the Mason Dixon Line, just humor us for a few days, 
and we’ll give you a break when you visit us this summer.
Speaking of snowflakes, Click here to see my parmesan cheese snowflakes 
I made for the Greek Shrimp Salad.
Warm wishes to all. 

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    Did you actually see snow yesterday? All I saw was sleet and freezing rain and trust me I was not laughing! I took a walk to the PO today to mail a package and the counter was closed. The town is completely shut down. Faulkner is closed again tomorrow for the third day in a row. I think I want to request a credit on my daughter’s tuition. On the plus side, the company my husband works for treated him to lunch at the Waffle house and granted everyone who showed up today a paid day off. Woot!

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    Oh- Yeah- I hear you. How disappointing for the kid you were seeing snow for the first time! lol I hope to be beach side sooner rather than later this year- xo Diana

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    I’m still in awe that you didn’t see snow till you were 8. lol! I’ve grown up with it so I’ve always thought it was beautiful. Yes tiny, but all together it’s s magical! I’m also impressed with your paper snowflakes. I’m not that good at cutting them. Your parmesan snowflakes are fab!

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    Jumping straight to your Parmesan snowflakes, I checked out your link in hopes of finding the recipe for your Greek Shrimp Salad; have you shared it somewhere? BTW, I’ve made Parmesan crisps using Suzanne Somers’ method of frying them in real butter; YUM!

    • says

      I’m shocked Suzanne Somers would fry anything, but that sounds wonderful!
      I can’t even remember if I used an official recipe for the salad. I probably just used my olive salad mix from Piggly Wiggly and added the shrimp, feta cheese and a few more extra whole olives and put it all over the greens. I think I also sprinkled on a little bit of pre-mixed Greek seasoning. The olive salad mix is fabulous and they sell huge jars of it for people making New Orleans style muffalettas.

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